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We were hoping you would ask! 

Here is a list of some ways in which you could help AAGS reach our goal of over 7500 pairs of shoes.


Look around your home for gently worn or new shoes, sneakers, boots, slippers, sandals, etc... and put them in a bag and take them to a drop-off location.


Ask your family and neighbors to do the same.  


Ask at work if you can put a box out for shoe donations and then send emails or put up signs at the office for people to donate their shoes by placing them in the box.  Some companies make a competition between departments to see who can collect the most.  


Can you help us by offering to pick up shoes from our drop-off locations?  If so, that would be a huge help.  We can assign you to a location(s) near home or work and you would just stop by there, or call them, to see if they need the box to be emptied.  After you pick up the donations we would then have you bring them to our storage facility. 


Do you belong to a church or club or other organization that would be interested in donating shoes?  Or, maybe they would like to be a drop-off location for the event?  Reach out to the individuals in those groups and ask them. 

garage sale.png

If you go to garage sales and see shoes for sale, ask them if they would consider donating them to the Shoe Drive if they don't get sold.  You could either pick them up and take them to a drop-off or let them know where the closest drop-off is. 

Nextdoor app.png

Do you use the NextDoor App for your neighborhood? If so, post on the app asking your neighbors to donate to the Shoe Drive and have them drop them off at your house or let them know where there is a nearby drop-off.  


Check with your kids' schools to see if they want to be a part of this amazing project.  It has so many things that students at all age levels can learn from this type of event. 

See? We told you there were many ways in which you could help. 
The question is Which Will You Choose

Contact us at if you have any questions.

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