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Tethered by her owner in the basement of her apartment building, she barked and barked. She was lonely and scared.  And hungry. Mostly hungry. She cried. She called for help, but nobody came.

When a maintenance man asked where her dog was, the owner replied, “Gee I don’t know – she hasn’t barked for awhile.”

What kind of cruelty is this? What kind of monster intentionally abandons her dog to starve and listens to her bark as she dies? Alone. In the dark.

She came into VMC with a body score of .5 out of nine – a body score of less than one! Doctors were doubtful that she would make it, but this two-year-old German shepherd still had a tiny spark. She is a fighter, so AAGS had no choice but to agree to fight along with her. We can support her because we know that you will too.

Please help us to help her! AAGS Leg Up needs your donations for her future care as well as for the care she has received over the past few days. We have named her Hope, not knowing if she will live or die.

This girl deserves her chance to live a life filled with love, joy, and SUNSHINE and we HOPE that you will help to give her that.

Please watch for details here as Hope continues to be tested and monitored closely.

You can make an online donation at or by check made out to AAGS and mailed to PO Box 94, Liverpool, NY 13088.


YOU DO have the power to make a difference for animals.

YOU CAN make CNY a safer and more humane place for animals and the people who care about them.

Support Healing Hearts for Hope!

 * Fundraising for a new clinic continues

AAGS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization 

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