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Making Central New York a safer and more humane home for animals
and the people who care about them.

What We Do


Collaborate with advocates, agencies, shelters, rescues, and government entities in our community to strengthen the safety net for animals, working toward a day when there are no more homeless pets.

Who We Are


  • A 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  • An animal welfare advocacy agency.

  • Co-founders of the CNY Animal Cruelty Task Force.

  • Co-Founders of the Healthy Pet Clinics in the Syracuse area.

Our Mission


  • Reduce the number of homeless animals on our streets and in local shelters.

  • End euthanasia of healthy animals.

  • Stop animal cruelty.

  • Increase awareness of the intrinsic value of animals and emphasize our shared responsibility for their welfare.

  • Create a collaborative animal welfare community.

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