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The BIG problem


Tens of thousands of cats and dogs in Onondaga County are not spayed or neutered, leading to massive homelessness
and high euthanasia rates.

  • Many of the 1,000 stray dogs picked up in the City of Syracuse each year are euthanized. Many are adoptable, most are not neutered.

  • The number of feral and abandoned cats is increasing.

  • Most serious dog bites come from intact dogs, unvaccinated against rabies.

  • Homeless animals keep having babies, many destined to suffer and die on our streets or on the euthanasia table.

  • Shelters are full, rescue groups are overwhelmed. People who find strays or who must rehome pets often have little option but to leave them on the streets.



A TINY FIX will spay and neuter dogs and cats via a proposed low-cost spay-neuter clinic to be offered by the Greater Syracuse Spay-Neuter Clinic.
GRANTS: Over 27,000 households in Onondaga County fall below the poverty level and many more are struggling. Grants will allow families with verifiable low incomes to pay as little as $25 for spay-neuter services!
TRANSPORTATION: Assistance will be provided for those lacking transportation.
SPECIAL PROCEDURES: The clinic will utilize the effective model of high volume spay-neuter surgery  in compliance with accepted standards of veterinary practice.
EFFICIENCY: Following special training, vets will be able to perform 30–40 surgeries/day.
As a high volume spay-neuter clinic operating six days a week, A TINY FIX will be able to “fix” nearly 10,000 animals a year!

Who benefits?



  • In Onondaga County, over 40,000 pets live in households existing below the poverty level.

  • Many families who love their pets cannot afford current “low cost” spay-neuter services, which cost 3–4 times more than our HVHQSN clinic will cost.

  • Many households have no transportation to clinics. We will help!

  • A sliding fee scale will accommodate other families, rescues, and shelters.

  • Animal Control and euthanasia costs will be reduced.

  • Pet homelessness and suffering will be lessened.

  • The health, safety, and quality of life in our community will be greatly improved.

A TINY FIX will help make Central New York a better place to live, one “fixed” pet at a time.

Note: If for some reason the Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse is unable to achieve the mission of its spay and neuter clinic, all funds raised for said mission will be used to provide spay & neuter services to qualifying low-income residents, local shelters and rescues in CNY.

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